NTANTISO | Our Services
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Our Services

Commercial law

Our team is substantially experienced in Commercial disputes and litigation such that we pride ourselves with our efficiency and precision with which we serve our clients. Our team is committed to excellent customer service and hard work which ensures convenience and cost-effective resolutions to emerging challenges.


Our expertise include:

  • Reviewing and drafting commercial agreements
  • Commercial disputes
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal compliance
  • General corporate and commercial law
Family law

Our family law department is well equipped and apt when it comes to family related matters, be it divorce, child custody or maintenance matters.


Appreciating the nature of such matters, we strive to deliver impeccable and expedient service to each of our clients in accordance with their objectives.

Compliance and regulatory

Our team does not only have legal experience but also extensive regulatory and compliance expertise which is to furnish our clients with the necessary support to enable them to flourish in their chosen industries. 


Contingent to the client’s needs, we are readily available to provide current and relevant must know information in terms of the client’s particular regulatory universe.

Training & workshops

Ntantiso & Associates is a firm with distinct interest in supporting its clients in all the client’s areas of business. The spectrum of support we offer goes beyond legal issues and as such the firm takes special keenness in ensuring that our clients are always legislatively inclined.


To this end, our firm offers its clients training and workshops on the following:

  • Human resources policies and procedures
  • Labour and employment law
  • Alignment of internal procedures to the objectives of the entity
  • Corporate culture
Labour and employment law

We strive to provide our clients with professional and cost-effective legal advice, both in respect of the applicable laws and of a practical nature in order to present holistic solutions to all labour and employment related matters.

With our extensive experience and intimate knowledge of labour and employment law principles and issues, we are able to communicate and respond to each client’s unique needs.

Insurance law

With our teams’ extensive experience and intimate knowledge of Insurance law, we are effectively able to respond to all challenges of this nature.


We endeavor to always provide excellent quality and sustainable answers to each client’s needs.


Our litigation team is focused on resolving disputes involving our clients in the most expedient, economical and in the best interests of our clients.


We provide litigation services in respect of the following areas:

  • Commercial litigation;
  • Labour and employment law;
  • Insurance law;
  • General civil litigation; and
  • Family law
Legal advisory services

At Ntantiso & Associates we are readily available to support you in any legal manner that you require. We are capable and have the capacity to take care of all your legal needs to ensure that you are strategically protected and opportunistically inclined.